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About Us

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress and environment take a significant toll on our oral health and hygiene. Established and nourished by Dr.Pushkaraj Deshpande, since 2011; DENTAL PERFECTION is a chain of dental clinics across various geographies of Mumbai. Dental perfection is a multispecialty dental hub, facilitated with state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled and qualified dentists at all its centers.

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Our History

Established in 2011, Dental Perfection is a chain of multispecialty dental care clinics across 5 locations in Mumbai.We have been successfully delivering dental treatments to our patients since the past 6 years.We have more than 6500 satisfied patients across various geographies of the globe.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We provide a wide range of specialized dental as well as cosmetic treatments under one roof.We work via appointment based system;thereby reducing waiting time for patients.Providing transparency in cost, detailed understanding of the procedure and a hi- tech painless treatment has always been our motto.

Our Technical capabilities

We never cut corners and use only the best available dental materials and can go to great lengths to procure specialized materials, as the case demands.We confidently state that our sterilization techniques are most meticulous,advanced and with a proven track record to never cause clinic borne infections or complications.

“ We Offer Dental Tourism Package ”


I had a root canal treatment,I had no pain and 24 hours after my tooth feels great.

Ruchira Karnik


The implant procedure went much faster and easier than anticipated with no pain involved.

Varun Khanna


This place is awesome!Everyone is so helpful.They took very good care.Thank You

Ankit Jain